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Exploring the Best Cheap Family Days Out in the UK

Exploring the Best Cheap Family Days Out in the UK

Finding cheap things to do with kids can be a challenge; however, there is plenty available throughout the country if you take the time to research. Having both a boy and a girl, it can be difficult to find things that interest both of them, however, I think I managed it and achieved my goal.

Days out do not have to break the bank, and you will be surprised what is available.

London is often considered to be an expensive day out for me, and the kids; however, if you move away from the traditional attractions, there is plenty on offer. The London Fields Lido is excellent for those summer days, when the kids are hot, bored, and want to burn off energy. This Olympic sized heated swimming pool is perfect and is considered to be the best place to swim in London. At only 4.50 and 2.70 each for the kids, this was a cheap day out.

The Dinosaur Farm on the Isle of Wight was brilliant, and offered a range of activities for both kids, which makes life far easier. We were there when one of the hunts for fossils was taking place on the beach, and the kids were excited to be part of the event. They loved discovering the dinosaur footprints and stunning fossils.

Wilderness Woods in East Sussex is ideal for or family as we love being outdoors enjoying nature. This perfect natural playground has so much to offer, and both kids were exhausted by sunset. Within the 61 acre woodland, you will find numerous different activities to be part of, including cycling and hiking. You can use the woodland for free, however, if you pay an annual membership you can join i with the events and camping nights that are provided.

Spitalfields City Farm, is a fantastic insight into what people can achieve with very little funding, and a huge amount of imagination. Based in London, this registered charity provides a unique and interesting day out for the whole family. Volunteers will show you around, and there are different feeding times that the kids can be involved with. The hope is to show the next generation where food comes from and how all about healthy eating.

Segedunum Roman Fort is fascinating, and although I was concerned that both children may not enjoy this day out, they had a brilliant time. They learnt all about Hadrian’s Wall and the history of the fort when it was home to the Romans. Children under 16 are free, which makes it an ideal day out, that will not cost a fortune.


The Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle may seem like a strange day out for the kids; however, they both loved everything in this attraction. This strange but fascinating museum is home to the largest collection of witchcraft related items. People travel from all over the country, to experience the ghostly tales, and discoveries.

Once you begin to research the best days out with the kids, you will soon discover that there are plenty on offer. Regardless of your budget, or what you all enjoy doing together, there are places that you can afford. With a small budget and a large imagination, you can create the ultimate day out for your kids.


  1. Wonderful post, i hope i could visit UK sooner than i expected. I’m still processing all my papers now and hopefully i could make it early next year. I would definitely visit some of these places you mentioned, if not most.

  2. I will be visiting England this November, This place you posted in here, how accessible is this from the capital?

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