How To Get The Best Transport On A Budget

If you are struggling with debt transport may be the last thing on your mind. Let’s face it. If you are looking to escape from underneath the mountain of bills piling up you are probably not going on holiday this year. But, unfortunately, transport is essential. We need it for job hunting, getting to work and bringing the shopping home. If we have children transport is needed even more. We need to drop them off and pick them up from school, their friends houses and football matches. You need to assess your options.

Public Transport

When you are buying tickets for a destination, regardless of where you are going think about it carefully. Do not make assumptions. I travelled across the country for a job interview. I assumed getting a coach would be the cheapest option. To my surprise, it turned out that travelling by plane was less expensive. This was because ground transport involved many different changes.

If you are under twenty-five and constantly travelling it may be a good idea to get a railcard. This will end up saving you a lot of money on journeys you must take. You should also book as far in advance as possible as this will lower the cost. If you have a weekly travel routine, buy your monthly travel in bulk.

A Car You Can Afford

You should not rule out buying a car. Cars can be very affordable if you are smart and sensible about your decisions. You should always buy for practicality, not for style or luxury. If you can not afford a new car, then do buy second hand but make sure you check the car thoroughly before you buy. Get a full history on the vehicle.

Look for a car that is fuel efficient. This will save you money on petrol. Ensure you can easily afford to keep the car on the road. Shop around for the best insurance at a price that matches your budget. You do want a good coverage in case you have any accidents.

You may not yet know how to drive. It could be that you thought it was too expensive to learn. But if you click here you will find great deals from a good company for the whole learning package. If you are worried about passing your test, please rest assured that it is not as difficult as you think. Like riding a bike, you will struggle at first and then everything will just click. This brings us neatly to your final option.

Riding A Bike



Perhaps the best way to save money on transport is to buy a bike. This will suit those who live close to their work and their loved ones. It does not take much maintenance; they are very safe, and you will be saving the environment. We do recommend you spend just a little bit more to get a good, lightweight make. This will make your rides to and from work easier and ensure you are not too tired for the day.

I hope I have shown you how you can make transport affordable. Even if you are dealing with debt, it is a necessity you can fit into your budget.