Italian Adventures: Why You Need to Visit Venice

If you want are looking for the ultimate holiday destination this year, then look no further. Venice is, in short, simply amazing. The Italian province is lined with palazzos and canals. What could be more wonderful than travelling around via gondola, taking in the magnificent sites all while enjoying the fantastic Italian cuisine and drinking heavenly wine? Despite being largely consumed by water, Venice offers a wealth of attractions and places of interest to cater for all tastes, and those that have visited Venice often want to return again and again. Once you have visited Venice, we are certain that you will be bitten by the bug and will be desperate to return once more.

For anyone visiting Venice then one the must-see things to do is to experience Vivaldi. So many musicians have tried, and failed, at playing Vivaldi, so getting to experience this played well is a rare treat and is in abundance in Venice. Ballet and opera are also popular past times with both tourists and locals alike, so if you want a slightly more high brow evening of entertainment, then nights out in Venice are going to be a real treat for you and your travelling companions. Take a look here for cheap hotels in Venice.

 Aside from the canals, gondolas and classical music, Venice is a thriving hub of shopping malls and quaint, cobbled streets. Venice offers a truly unique shopping experience in that local goods can be purchased relatively cheaply, for quirky, one of a kind souvenirs, while the thriving shopping malls will continue to enthral and entrance in a way that only Italy can.


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 Venice offers a plethora of good, hearty cuisine that is typically Italian. Think pizza and pasta that you have tasted at home and it will seem bland in comparison to eating in authentic Italian cuisine in Italy.  Ripened tomatoes, bitter olives and lashings of oil will make for a perfect meal and for a true taste of Italy. This, of course, can be washed down with lashings of good quality wine that Venice is famous for. Should the searing Italian heat prove too much, then cool down with a classic gelato. Fresh, natural ingredients are used to make Venice’s famous ice cream and it sure is delicious. After all, a little bit of what you fancy cannot hurt so indulge while you’re there, as gelato will never taste as good as what it does in Venice.

Once your taste buds have been tantalised, experiencing Venice is truly unique. If you are looking for a day trip with a difference, why not visit Carnevale and dress up in a thrilling Venetian style mask and party like it’s the middle ages. Private masked carnevales can be quite expensive, however, many often gather in the town square in their finery to dance the night away for a turn of the century event that you are unlikely to forget in a hurry.

Forget the humdrum of daily life and the rigmarole of travelling by car, go to Venice and experience fine food and a quirky culture and make ever lasting memories to cherish for a life time.