Money Saving Decorating Ideas for Your Home

It is always nice to have your home decorated, but sometimes it can be very expensive. Especially because you don’t have any use of things you are investing into, except the looks. We give you some ideas to decorate your home with low or even without any costs.

You just need to learn to use things you would usually throw away. If you use your imagination you could be able to find use for almost anything. Recycle in your own way.

Record wall

If you or someone in your family have a huge collection of old records, it would be very cool to have them hanged on the wall. That is, of course, if that someone is not one of those people that will never allow anyone near his records, and especially not going to allow you to hang them on some wall.


When it comes to flooring there is really not much you can do by yourself. You need to buy one. You can search and buy rugs online. That is the easiest way to find the one most suitable for you, by looks and by price.

Baseball rack

If you are a baseball, or you just think it looks cool, you can use you old baseball bats to make a rack for your hats or jackets. Just take your bat and hang it on the wall. Hammer couple of nails into it and there you have it. You can even place some wooden tips to those nails so it will look even better.


You can hang garlands from your ceiling. That really brings life and joy into the room. You just need some old cups and put them together with some twine. Next step is to hang them wherever you think they would look good.

Washi tape

You can use washi tape to decor your walls, ceilings, doorways, etc. Use your imagination and decor it according to your taste. The best thing is once you get tired of them, just take them off. You won’t even notice they were there afterwards.


Night stand

There are many things you can turn into night stand. One of them is some old cart you are not using anymore. Just repaint it into any color you like, remove or fix castors, so it won’t move, and there you have it. Simple as that.


You can also use all sorts of things to make seats, too. Just take a crate for example, put a wooden board on top of it and cover it with some decorative cloth, any color you want. Stuff some foam between cloth and board and there you have it- perfect crate seats, make as many as you need.

Wall art

There are numerous things you can do with your walls. With your pictures especially. You can sort them so they can form some kind of shape (heart for example), or you can make your own frames for pictures. You can even try to do some painting yourself, so you don’t have to spend fortune for some artsy picture to hang it on your wall.

This offers endless possibilities, just look around you and see what you can use. Ideas will come once you get into it.