Not Up to Speed with Card Payments? You Should Be!



It is amazing how many small businesses, including shops and services, still don’t take card payments. This is usually due to them believing the cost of the equipment and the payment rates will be extortionate. The truth is actually the opposite: you can get the equipment for very little outlay, the rates are favourable, and it can even add to your income. How is this possible? Millions of people use credit or debit cards for payments across the USA, and many people prefer cards as they are a more efficient and quick method of payment. This is even more true now that cards are available for contactless payment.

Furthermore, did you know that research has proven people will be more likely to spend more – by as much as 20% – if they pay by card? It’s not known quite why this is, but the most likely reason – again – is convenience. That means, if you are not taking cards, you could be missing out on an additional 20% of turnover. If you are unsure of moving towards card payments you should contact, the leading name in credit and debit card payment solutions, with an expert team and many years of experience in the industry.

Efficient Credit Card Processing

The rise in popularity of credit and debit cards means you need to be in on the game, so have a look at the various credit card processing equipment offered by Merchant Account Solutions. They can help you with wireless, hand-held terminals so you can take the payment from the table – perhaps in a café or restaurant – or you can move it effectively around the counter top without wires to hold you back. It’s the most efficient way of taking payments, and it will make life easier for both you and your customers.

Talk to one of the Merchant Account Solutions team and they will be happy to help you choose the best credit card machines for you, based on the type of business you are in and what you need for the ultimate in efficiency. You can check out all their equipment – including the excellent POS systems that will improve your efficiency considerably – on the website, or get in touch and one of the team will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Get with the Times!

So, back to the beginning, and it’s as simple as this: if you’re not taking card payments, you’re losing out on both potential customer and efficient customer service. Being able to take payments quicker means being able to serve more customers, so you win all-round. Your customers will be happier as they get to pay in the most effective and efficient manner, and you will be happy as the equipment supplied by Merchant Account Solutions, at very sensible and affordable rates, enables you to move your business operation firmly into the 21st century. Why not get in touch with one of the team now, and see how they can save you both time and money.