Stay One Step Ahead of Hackers for Free


Did you realize that every day you open yourself up to hackers that would take your information or destroy your devices, but that an antivirus can stop hackers? Did you realize that everyday people deal with identity theft and their private information becoming public information? You probably already have a protection installed on your laptop or computer. However, you may not have realized that your mobile device opens you up to hackers as well. Installing an app such as the free AVG antivirus can help you to stop hackers in their tracks and protect all your confidential information.

What Hackers Do

Hackers can tap into your private information and use it against you. You may have photos on your device of your children or family and a hacker can take those photos and use them. Without an antivirus for Android phones, you could lose your photos or private files without ever knowing they were taken. Hackers can also send viruses, malware, or spyware to your phone. This could allow them to track your keystrokes which leads them to passwords on your device. That means they could get the financial intuition passwords you use and compromise your bank accounts.

Protection You Can Trust

This Google Play antivirus app is free and easy to download. The AVG antivirus app starts working right away and scans your phone and current apps to find any dangerous apps or files onboard.  The app will also allow you to set up a passcode on your photos and files to protect them from those who would try to steal them or share them without your permission.

Other features include tracking your phone via Google Maps or locking your device remotely when it is misplaced. You can even have ability to completely wipe your phone clean if it is lost and you do not feel it will be found.