Tips To Help You Get Employed

If you are currently unemployed, you know how competitive the job market is at the moment.  With so many unemployed, an estimated 2.5 million in the UK, and looking for work; it means that there are too few positions for the number of people that need them.  This means that you need to utilise all you can to push yourself ahead of the crowd.

Now, you may have already created a powerful and eye catching CV, practised interview skills until you know them like the back of your hand, looked and applied for jobs online with City Calling and registered with countless recruitment agencies.  You might ask, what next?  In the following article you will find great tips to help you improve your chances of being employed.

Use Your Initiative

Instead of waiting around for jobs to be advertised, make a list of companies that may have positions that meet your skill set and level of experience and send them your CV and covering letter.    You should address it to either the HR manager or another senior member of management who is in charge of hiring.  You may not get any response or a simple letter telling you there are no positions at the moment and your details are on file.  However, you might strike it rich, you won’t know until you try.

Stand Out From The Rest – Be Different

One of the hardest things about trying to find work at the moment, is just how many other people are out there applying for the same jobs.  Therefore you need to think outside of the box and make yourself stand out.  Topical events are a good way to do this.  For instance, if you are sending your CV and cover letter to companies at Easter time you could send a chocolate egg as well.   They may still not have any positions at that time, but you will have undoubtedly caught their attention and it could put you at the forefront of their minds when they have vacancies.

Don’t Neglect Networking

While you might not like it, networking is definitely a valuable tool for finding work.  You should ensure that the appropriate contacts in your address book know that you are looking for work and what your strengths are.  These contacts can be anyone from former clients and colleagues to people who are members of the same societies and clubs as you, members of your extended family, former teachers and friends

Tweak Your Online Profile

Although it may depend on the industry you are looking for work in, prospective employers will likely make use of the internet in deciding whether you are a good candidate for their company or not.  With that in mind it is a good idea to run your own search online for yourself, in Google for example, to see what comes back in the results.

It may be that you have to be more careful with what you post on Facebook and Twitter or that you are not visible enough online.  Either way, an employer is more likely to choose someone else.