Why You Should Consider a Local Credit Union Over a Bank


If you’re thinking about doing business with your local bank, here are a few reasons why you should consider your local Credit Union instead.

What’s the Difference?

Credit Union’s offer many of the same services that banks do. The difference is that Credit Unions are member owned. Banks are owned by investors who may or may not actually be account holders. This being the case, Credit Unions are typically far more stable than large for-profit banks.

Community Minded

Credit Unions are community minded. Not only is a Credit Union managed by the community, but when you put money into the system, it stays in the community more often than leaving it. For instance, you could be helping your neighbor finance a new car, or keep a local restaurant in business. Neat, huh?

Committed to Financial Education

Credit Unions are operating for you. In other words, unlike a bank, they have your best interest at heart. They will teach you how to manage your money instead of swindling you out of every dime.

An all-around Better Deal

Typically, most credit unions actually offer better interest rates on loans, much fewer fees than a traditional bank, and they make getting a credit card a breeze. Not to mention that they are typically *much* more friendly. If that’s not awesome, we don’t know what is.

When it comes to choosing a credit union or bank, consider each of your options carefully. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if the credit union you invested in became a family tradition? As the generation roll onward, the benefits only grow. Why not invest your money locally and get a share in such a wonderful opportunity? Not to mention all of the wonderful benefits you can receive by being a shared owner of the place holding your wealth. Now what do you say to that?